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fitness-kit.net: Product innovations

Lauren Heath-Jones rounds up the latest product launches in health and fitness

Published in Health Club Management 2019 issue 2
Sonja Friend-Uhl on Core’s responsive Star Trac FreeRunner
Sonja Friend-Uhl

Core Health & Fitness has launched the Star Trac FreeRunner, a treadmill featuring patent-pending technology designed to absorb impact and reduce injury.

Designed to improve both performance and comfort, the FreeRunner features the HexDeck System, an aluminium running deck supported by proprietary hexagonal polymer suspension that offers a supportive surface, as well as increasing the lifespan of the belt and deck.

The HexDeck also instantly reacts to impact, cushioning and flexing as the foot strikes and offers support and push-off for the toe, to mimic the feel of a running track.

“One word I would use to describe the feel of the FreeRunner is responsive” - Sonja Friend-Uhl

Sonja Friend-Uhl, running world record holder and senior master instructor at Core Health & Fitness, comments: “One word that I would use to describe the feel of the FreeRunner is ‘responsive’. The surface and mechanics allow your unique running or walking form and gait to work for you during the workout.

“It’s not so soft that it slows down the cadence – rather it cushions impact and allows the foot to roll and then push off efficiently,” she adds.

fitness-kit.net keyword: CORE HEALTH & FITNESS

HexDeck mimics the feel of a running track
Wexer Web Player creates seamless in-club experiences at home, says Jamie Foggon
Jamie Foggon

Digital fitness content provider Wexer has launched Wexer Web Player, an online portal that allows users to stream virtual fitness classes through their mobile devices.

Billed as a premium online experience, the portal boasts a library of more than 500 virtual group fitness classes which members can access both in-club and at-home.

By offering quality and expert programming, users can choose to work out at home when they cannot make it to the gym, or even for inspiration while working out in-club.

“Members are able to do the same classes at home as they enjoy at the club, which is great for them” - Jamie Foggon

For club operators, the system encourages member loyalty by giving them the opportunity to ‘own’ a member’s full fitness journey, as well as creating a seamless, club-quality virtual class experience members can access 24/7.

Jamie Foggon, head of product at Wexer, says: “The Wexer Web Player is the perfect extension of our digital fitness ecosystem, complementing Wexer Mobile and Wexer Virtual – our in-club virtual class system – to ensure fitness consumers get the experience they want: great content, wherever they are, however they choose to consume it.

“Members are able to do the same classes at home as they enjoy at the club, which is great for them – in terms of the quality, consistency and familiarity of their workouts – and great for the club, as it then ‘owns’ a member’s entire fitness journey, driving loyalty and retention,” he adds.

fitness-kit.net keyword:WEXER

Members can now enjoy their in-club classes at home
Bungee Workout classes engage and energise members, says Wendy Hesketh-Ogilvie
Wendy Hesketh-Ogilvie

Bungee Workout has launched its inaugural group fitness class, featuring specially designed bungees that enable participants to move freely without restrictions.

Billed as an exhilarating, three-dimensional fitness experience, the class, also called Bungee Workout, combines elements of aerial acrobatics with dance and fitness.

It features bespoke bungees, developed by the company, that enable users to experience a ‘weightless workout’ by enabling them to explore flight, lift, bounce and power.

The bungees are fully adjustable and can be adapted to suit different body types and fitness abilities.

“This workout is so addictive and absorbing, you won’t be able to help but drive member results, retention and return on reach” Wendy Hesketh-Ogilvie

Wendy Hesketh-Ogilvie, creator of Bungee Workout, said: “Bungee Workout can be installed into a studio environment, leisure facility or gym and provides trainers with an easy and comprehensive solution that is fully supported by instructor training, music and choreography.”

“Staff will love learning a truly new technique, plus regular workout releases and the thrill of leading exciting Bungee Workout classes will leave them engaged and energised,” she added.

Jacqui Hobbs, education consultant at Bungee Workout, said: “This workout is so addictive and absorbing, you won’t be able to help but drive member results, retention and return on reach.”

fitness-kit.net keyword: BUNGEE WORKOUT

The bungee cords provide a ‘weightless workout’
Quantum Cryogenics, a Devon-based cryotherapy specialist, has launched the new CryoQube, a whole body cryotherapy chamber.
Adela Thornton-Wood

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the CryoQube offers indirect cryotherapy, which provides all the benefits of traditional cryotherapy without the user being exposed to freezing nitrogen vapour. Instead, it delivers ultra-cold temperatures from pure air that has been pre-chilled by liquid nitrogen. Without the direct nitrogen exposure, which requires user’s heads to be kept outside the unit, users can be fully immersed in the chamber.

Users can spend up to three minutes in the chamber, where they experience temperatures of -130 degrees celsius and the skin cools to around 15 degrees celsius. At this temperature the body releases endorphins, helping to reduce inflammation and numb pain.

“Developing CryoQube was a natural next step for us as a company and builds on our 40-year heritage of providing high-tech, high quality cryogenic control systems” - Adela Thornton-Wood

Adela Thornton-Wood, co-founder of Quantum Cryotherapy, said: “Developing CryoQube was a natural next step for us as a company and builds on our 40-year heritage of providing high quality cryogenic control systems.”

“It’s an exciting new venture for us and we’re delighted to be manufacturing our cryotherapy chambers for the sports, health club and spa markets.”

fitness-kit.net keyword: QUANTUM CRYOGENICS

Users spend up to three minutes in the chamber
Check out the latest innovations in health and fitness from Core, Wexer, Bungee Workout and Quantum Cryogenics
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