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fitness-kit.net: Product innovations

Lauren Heath-Jones rounds up the latest product launches in health and fitness

Published in Health Club Management 2019 issue 5
Anytime Fitness launches coaching app for members, explains Marvin Burton
Marvin Burton

Available on both iOS and Android, Anytime Coaching is available via the Anytime Fitness app for all Anytime members, who log in with their membership details.

Anytime Coaching provides an online platform that enables PTs to share bespoke workouts and communicate with members via in-app messaging. It also enables members to set goals and track their daily steps.

The service is designed to reduce the need for physical, in-person coaching and enables PTs to coach their clients even when they are unable to get to the gym.

"Anytime Coaching provides an affordable and accessible way for members to receive expert tuition and get the guidance they need to achieve their goals" - Marvin Burton

Marvin Burton, head of Product at Anytime Fitness and a former PT, says: "Anytime Coaching is an exciting addition to the digital revolution that’s sweeping the fitness industry. Even regular gym visitors are only spending five per cent of their week in the gym, so this provides a way for clubs and PTs to impact their member’s lives in the remaining 95 per cent."

"Anytime Coaching provides an affordable, accessible way for members to receive tuition and get the guidance they need to achieve their goals."

fitness-kit.net keyword: ANYTIME FITNESS

Anytime Coaching is accessed via a dedicated app
ShapeKAMS ‘bridges the gap between static and dynamic assessment’, says Dr Ryan Comeau
Dr Ryan Comeau

Shapewatch, a 3D body visualisation firm, has teamed up with Kinetisense, manufacturer of a markerless human motion assessment system, to create ShapeKAMS, a dynamic movement assessment tool.

Combining Kinetisense’s Advanced Movement Screen (KAMS) with Shapewatch’s body scanning solution, ShapeKAMS enables operators to offer visual accounts of biometrics, including body fat percentage, lean body mass and waist:hip ratio.

Trainers can also use the system to assess functional movement, which enables users to track their body changes throughout their fitness journeys.

"I am confident that ShapeKAMS will serve as the ultimate differentiator for our trainers" - Dr Ryan Comeau

Dr Ryan Comeau, CEO of Kinetisense, says: "ShapeKAMS bridges the gap between static and dynamic biomechanical assessment, allowing trainers to incorporate data analytics to their assessment."

"This system provides information over the course of training that shows changes in biometrics and functional movement. This allows for engagement with the client via a data-driven ‘compass’ that shows their progress. I’m confident that ShapeKAMS will serve as a differentiator for our trainers," he adds.

fitness-kit.net keyword: SHAPEWATCH

The new system gives biometric readings
New Monkey Mill is inspired by Tough Mudder, says Mike McKenna
Mike McKenna

Monkey Mill – a new motorised monkey bar machine – has launched in the UK.

The patent-pending kit features a continuous moving bar system that provides an endless run of monkey bars to offer combined CV and strength training.

The Monkey Mill is a similar model and footprint to a traditional treadmill.

Features include adjustable speed settings and interval training programmes, as well as optional attachments such as battle ropes and suspension trainers.

"The idea for Monkey Mill was born back in 2012 while I was training for the monkey bar obstacle in UK Tough Mudder event" - Mike McKenna

"The idea for Monkey Mill was born back in 2012 while I was training for the monkey bar obstacle in UK Tough Mudder event," says CEO Mike McKenna.

"I was asking where I could gain this type of experience and develop the skill in my gym? The answer was nowhere, then it hit me – what if I could turn a treadmill upside down and provide an endless set of Monkey Bars in the same way a treadmill provides an endless road?"

We’ve come a long way since then and with the support of a talented team, the concept has turned into a fantastic training solution, with kit that is made in the UK that we feel will transform many training facilities across the world over the next few years."

fitness-kit.net keyword: MONKEY MILL

The Monkey Mill enables continuous monkey bar workouts
Stefano Marcandelli introduces the Walker View 3.0
Stefano Marcandelli

Tecnobody, an Italian fitness and rehab equipment supplier, has launched its Tecnosport range, including the Walker View 3.0 treadmill into the UK market.

Billed as ‘a walk and run analysis laboratory’, the Walker View 3.0 is designed to aid recovery in sports injuries and is capable of analysing and providing immediate feedback on the user’s gait, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in both form and technique.

In addition, it can provide feedback on the runner’s posture, support the foot and correct arm movements and is equipped with a touchscreen LCD monitor, load detection belt and a motion capture 3D camera.

"The Walker View 3.0 offers a complete and immersive visual experience" - Stefano Marcandelli

Stefano Marcandelli, CEO of Tecnobody, says: "The Walker View 3.0 offers a complete and immersive visual experience that engages athletes and patients in their training and recovery. Training no longer has to be boring and demotivating."

Other products in the range include the D-Wall, a VR functional training experience which features a library of 450 different functional and rehab exercises.

fitness-kit.net keyword: TECNOBODY

The Walker View 3.0 is designed to aid recovery
Check out these innovative new products from Anytime Fitness, Shapewatch, Monkey Mill and Tecnobody
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